1. Realtor sign for a home facing foreclosure

    Four Ways to Avoid Foreclosure on Your Property

    Paying the mortgage on your house can prove challenging even in the best of times. If you fall behind on your payments, you can quickly find yourself facing an upside-down loan with dire financial consequences. Instead of floundering and coming up on a foreclosure sale, there are proactive steps you…Read More

  2. Person holding up a 1099=C form on a clipboard

    My Lender Filed a 1099-C Debt Cancellation; What Should I Do?

    Sometimes, when dealing with the ongoing issues involved with trying to get out of bad debt on your home, you may have to conduct a short sale to avoid foreclosure. However, you can find ways to negotiate with your lender to cancel any outstanding debt and move on with your life. Or so you thought.Â…Read More

  3. Image of a deficiency waiver

    How a Deficiency Waiver Helps Protect Homeowner Credit

    When you pursue a short sale, you're making a tough decision that clears the way towards rebuilding your financial future. When you finish the process, you must have the paperwork in hand that proves that you can move forward without your lender coming after you for the rest of your mortgage in the …Read More

  4. How Do I Convince My Lender to Agree to a Short Sale?

    When you're behind on your mortgage payments and on the brink of losing your home, the best option may be a short sale to avoid foreclosure. By definition, a short sale is when the selling price of a home comes short of being enough to pay off the balance of the loan. (more…)…Read More

  5. Can You Short Sell a Commercial Property?

    The undue financial hardship that necessitates the need for short sale assistance is not exclusive to residential homeowners. Commercial property owners can run into similar situations where they cannot make payments on their properties and end up trapped in an underwater mortgage. Suppose your comm…Read More

  6. Home exterior at dusk with soft orange lights

    How to Avoid Foreclosure With a Short Sale

    If you’re a homeowner going through financial hardships which have caused you to miss multiple mortgage payments, going through a short sale to avoid foreclosure can be a saving grace. We understand that the process can be difficult to understand and overwhelming at times.  When you partner with …Read More

  7. Three people sitting at glass table discussing contract

    How To Choose The Right Short Sale Specialist

    No one wants to find themselves upside down on their home loan, especially if they are struggling to pay their monthly living expenses like utilities, groceries, and the mortgage. Sadly though, this is a reality for many Americans. If you’re one of them, then we want you to know that EZ Short Sale…Read More

  8. What to expect in 2012?

    Hi Everyone! We wish you all a happy new year and a very successful 2012! So what will this year bring to the market, and how will it affect the REO inventory and industry as a whole? Find REO Specialist. National Statistics 1,750,000 REOs still haven't been listed 3,500,000 Mortgages are in default…Read More

  9. No surprise! Delinquencies are up!

    Hello again, We wanted to share this audio report from an LPS asset manager who has some fantastic first hand knowledge of the REO market and the new REO inventory that's on it's way this year. LPS reports the national delinquency rate hit 8.15% as of last month. A few months ago, we reported to our…Read More

  10. Search Short Sale Specialists

    Are you looking to sell your home through a short sale? If your home is underwater, this may be a great option for you. EZ short sales connects you with local short sale experts in your market area. Search our Short Sale specialist directory and compare specialist  profiles, so you can make an educ…Read More