1. Short Sales Rising

    The number of short sales in the US has risen dramatically in the past several years as home values have fallen below the amount of the mortgage on the property in many situations. This is especially true in markets where there was a tremendous escalation of real estate prices and banks created nu…Read More

  2. Are Short Sales preferable for homeowners?

    Short Sale: Is it a preferable option for the homeowners? In the US, home prices have dropped as much as 50%, so people are keen to know what they can do in order to impede the bleeding. There are definitely various strategies available to lower the mortgage payments. However, when you’re underwat…Read More

  3. Your Dreams have come true

    ...typically a short sale property is turned over 10 months faster than a foreclosure. Meaning the banks shave ten months off the time in which they are not receiving any payments from the distressed property owner. Some of the major changes that were included in this reform was that no longer will …Read More

  4. Featured on FOX News and Yahoo Business

    This national exposure has BOOMED our lead flow!!  We need good specialists to handle them this huge inflow of seller leads!  If you're looking to get more listings, then upgrade to a Featured Membership today. 95% of the listings go to Featured Members!  80% of leads turn into listings!  100% S…Read More

  5. More Short Sales On the Way!

    That's because many people who are behind on payment are being allowed to stay in their homes for years at times, so this is pushing back the date when these coming short sales are flushed through the system.  That's good for real estate specialists because it means more short sale listings for you…Read More

  6. Meet some of our Featured Female Specialists!

    Peggy Patschak has over twenty years of experience in the real estate and mortgage industry. Peggy has completed over fifty short sales and is currently serving the Frederick, Carroll, Washington, Howard and Montgomery Counties in Maryland. She is a proud member of the National Association of R…Read More

  7. Underwater Homeowners on the Rise!

    According to Lender Processer Services, 60% of borrowers who are behind on their mortgages in judicial states haven't made a mortgage payment in over 2 years!  In non-judicial states, it's 30%.  Both are incredibly high numbers.  One of the main reasons for this is the banks are advising their cl…Read More

  8. Delinquency rates spike in September

    Lender Processing Services (LPS) reported a spike in delinquency rates in the month of September, compared to August, which means even more foreclosures are likely to stack up on top of the shadow inventory. For those who think the REO bubble has burst, this should be a wake up call. It's not even c…Read More

  9. Limited Home Affordability

    ...Even though housing prices have come down, so too have incomes across the country, and in many areas, it's still been difficult getting an offer accepted.  With so many cash investors stepping into the market again, they have squeezed out many other buyers, and are getting properties for less th…Read More

  10. New Fannie Mae Policies

    HAMP has officially stopped 1 million loan modifications in the works.  23% of those cancelled loan mods have already re-defaulted and started heading right back into foreclosure.  These numbers are expected to dramatically rise as banks continue to speed up the unloading of the shadow inventory b…Read More