Use an experienced Short Sale Negotiator and simplify your life.

Benefits of using our preferred negotiation service:

  • Experience helping thousands of sellers
  • Exclusive lender relationships and escalation abilities
  • Save time and close more deals
  • Collect up to $35,000 in lender assistance for your clients

Negotiating a short sale is not the same for every bank. Each file requires a unique strategy to achieve acceptance, and ultimately a successful closing. From packet organization to escrow, we must accommodate Lender/Servicer differences, dynamic loan structures, adjusting market conditions, and varying service platforms. Complete packages and timely responses are imperitive to short sale success, along with understanding Investor rules and negotiator personalities. We even have exclusive escalation abilities and managerial contacts to utilize, if needed. Understanding and managing these critical details is what allows us to facilitate successful short sales so expeditiously, and what ultimately adds value and confidence to your transaction.