Foreclosure Law Firm

Occasionally, homeowners can run into unfortunate financial circumstances and fall behind on their mortgage payments. A death in the family, job loss, or divorce can quickly lead to a situation where foreclosure is a possibility. However, if you find yourself in pre-foreclosure with your mortgage lender, you have options. At EZ Short Sales, we’re a professional foreclosure law firm and team of short sale specialists serving Florida, New York, and Pennsylvania, and can provide you with short sale assistance.

How Can a Short Sale Real Estate Company Help Me?

A short sale real estate company or home buying title company can help homeowners who find themselves in pre-foreclosure quickly sell the home and relieve their debt. In a short sell situation, the homeowner will sell the property for less than the amount owed. This will discharge the debt, providing that the lien holder (usually a mortgage lender) will accept the terms.

Not every lender will agree, and for some borrowers, a short sell may cause them to lose equity that they’ve built up in the home. That’s precisely why these situations call for experienced real estate investors or short sell real estate companies with professional knowledge to determine whether this is beneficial to all involved.

Choosing the Right Real Estate Investment Company

This negotiation is a complicated financial transaction and shouldn’t be trusted by anyone who isn’t an experienced negotiator. Instead, homeowners should rely on EZ Short Sales to help guide them through this complex process and move toward a positive outcome.

Benefits of a Short Sale Firm

For potential buyers, the negotiations can take longer than usual in a short sale; however, it can mean that they’ll secure the house for less. People who are interested in real estate investment may choose to negotiate through a foreclosure law firm to ensure that all parties agree to the terms.

Many lenders may prefer a short sale to an outright foreclosure, as this allows them to recoup more of the outstanding balance and avoid a lengthy legal process. When a mortgage lender takes possession of the house, they’ll then have to sell the home themselves. However, partnering with a short sale real estate company like EZ Short Sales is less work for lenders since the homeowner and seller are the negotiators, and the lender approves the transaction.

Short Sale Negotiation Company

It’s crucial for buyers to do their research. Working with a short sale real estate company can help potential buyers or real estate investors determine the right price for the property. This includes looking at the comparable properties in the area, as well as public records that note the fair market value of the home and its potential to sell. Finally, the best short sale real estate agents also team with foreclosure attorneys trained to negotiate a sale price quickly, advocating for the interests of the buyer and the seller.

Foreclosure Attorneys That Work For You

Avoiding foreclosure is important for sellers, and having a foreclosure attorney working on your behalf can reduce the impact on your financial history. At the same time, real estate investors can also benefit from advice from a seasoned lawyer who understands how to complete the tricky transaction.

Keeping the home from going into foreclosure through a short sale means that the homeowner needs to speak with the lender regarding their options. However, many homeowners don’t have the in-depth education about real estate to understand some of the legal ramifications and will require a foreclosure law firm to help handle the transaction successfully — and that’s exactly why it’s critical to EZ Short Sales with this process.

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Don’t let your home go into foreclosure without consulting with a foreclosure law firm or a short sale real estate company. EZ Short Sales consists of a team of real estate experts and has the largest network of short sale specialists as well as a team of professional, skilled attorneys that help families just like yours navigate the challenges of a foreclosure. Give us a call or contact us online today for advice from our trained negotiators!