Are you considering a short sale, as either a seller or a buyer? You need a short sale negotiator. That’s not because you aren’t smart, or competent. It’s simply because short sales are complex and one misstep can throw a wrench in the works!

It’s just like a host of other areas which require special training. You probably wouldn’t try to teach college level chemistry if you weren‘t fully qualified, or to operate on your own brain, or to take the controls of the airliner on your vacation to France.

Short sale negotiators are trained for they job they do, and know all of the little details that come together to make a successful transaction. Without help, you could end up in a pile of trouble, seeing your hoped for purchase or sale fall through simply because of a lack of understanding of the process.

There are a few things you should know about short sale specialists. They can represent only you in a transaction, not the other party or a bank. They should be focused on making sure you have an approved loan (if you are a buyer) and getting the best price possible. If you are a seller, they should be advocating for you with your bank for maximum forgiveness and securing the best deal possible

Your short sale specialist should tell you that the process will likely take several months or longer. Getting various lenders and third parties to approve the deal will take time, and there will be a lot of back and forth and a LOT of paperwork.

With a short sale negotiator at your side, you can relax knowing that the process, while slow, is proceeding properly and that all paperwork is properly handled. At the end of the process, you will either have gotten out from under a home you could no longer manage, or be the proud new owner of a gorgeous home that you got at an unbeatable price.