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For homeowners looking to sell their houses quickly and help cover their outstanding mortgage, knowing where to go to get the quickest sale possible can prove challenging. While finding a buyer shouldn’t be that complicated on the surface, there are so many moving parts to any kind of real estate transaction that the inexperienced can quickly become overwhelmed by the process. Having an experienced short seller on your side can help you make the process simpler, and in the case of EZ Short Sales, we buy houses!


The short sale is your last chance to sell your home before you fall into foreclosure and see your credit score take a big hit. With a short sale, you can find a buyer for your property at less than market price, with the profits of the sale going straight to your mortgage lender. It can help you get out from under an upside-down loan and get you on the road to financial recovery. An experienced short seller can help you get the process rolling and get you the money needed to satisfy your mortgage debts.


The real estate market is filled with real estate agents that make the bulk of their earnings through large commissions, closing fees, and other aspects of the transaction that can make your life more difficult as you attempt to regain your financial bearings. Finding a seller that won’t charge you outrageous fees or take an oversized commission can be almost impossible to find in the real estate world. However, EZ Short Sales can help people in the New York area find this increasingly rare combination in a short sale specialist.

Short selling your home can be a time-consuming and anxiety-inducing process for most homeowners trying to get out from under an upside-down mortgage. With EZ Short Sales helping you through, we can get you the best price for your home. We buy short-sold houses with cash and do not take a commission on the sale. We don’t want to bog your finances down with the stressors of the profits of the sale going to your lender and then drowning you in fees and commissions. When you make your short sale through us, we help cover the closing costs, inspections, and all of the hidden fees that you don’t see coming. Our cash offers help get you the money you need in no time.

Are you looking for options to avoid foreclosure on your home? Contact us to schedule an appointment and learn how we can help get your home sold in no time!