Are you looking to sell your home through a short sale? If your home is underwater, this may be a great option for you. EZ short sales connects you with local short sale experts in your market area. Search our Short Sale specialist directory and compare specialist profiles, so you can make an educated decision, and maximize your chances of having success with your lender. If you’re selling your home, a qualified real estate specialist can help you negotiate a settlement with your lender, and even forgive your entire debt. This allows you to walk away from an upside down mortgage where you owe far more on the home than it’s worth in today’s market. A short sale has many benefits, and avoids a stinging foreclosure record on your credit report.

Search Short Sale Specialist near you, compare their information and experience, and choose wisely. You can always email us at if you’d like help selecting a qualified real estate specialist to work with you.

Buying a Short Sale has it’s unique differences as well. Did you know that when you buy a short sale, you first have to get the owner to approve your offer, and then the owner has to get his lender (the seller’s bank) to approve a short payoff. There are two steps here, and working with an experienced short sale professional will help your chances of success. A short sale cna be a great deal, but you also want to make sure you are protected from second lienholders, and mechanics liens which carry on with a short sale transaction. An experienced and training short sale expert will take your hand from start to finish. It’s what we do. Let’s get your home search going!