Luxury short sales attract a lot of attention in the media because American consumers like two things:

Getting a glimpse of the lifestyles of the rich and famous

Reading a good riches to rags story

It’s not a pretty habit, but a lot of people do like to point smugly at wealthy homeowners and ask, “How could they get in so far over their heads?” Of course, we know that real estate woes can happen to anyone. Property values can fluctuate for reasons that you couldn’t possibly foresee.

What to Do Now

If you have a “mansion” or other high value property that you need to short sell to avoid the cost and embarrassment of foreclosure, you need a real expert to do three things:

Find a high paying buyer fast

Negotiate a deal that will satisfy your lender when there are millions of dollars on the table

Market your property discretely to minimize press coverage

When you interview an specialist, you should definitely ask them how they usually accomplish these three goals. If you find someone who can answer your questions with confidence, that specialist is probably a winner! Start your search for the right specialist now!.