Choose the Right Short-Sale Specialist

If you’re looking to short sell your home in order to avoid foreclosure, selecting the correct short-sale specialist is imperative. In a short sale, your real estate agent negotiates on your behalf with your lender for them to accept less than the balance of the mortgage. Like any profession, there are some real estate agents who are more equipped at handling the nuances of this tricky craft.

At EZ Short Sales, our short sale specialists have the proper training and experience to effectively navigate this delicate transaction. If successful, you will be able to sell your home for less than what you owe to the bank, and your lender will forgive the debt owed to them.

EZ Short Sale was created with the mission of helping troubled homeowners connect with the best short-sale specialists in the nation. By partnering with us, you can avoid foreclosure and continue with your life. Don’t waste your time with a short sale company just because you saw its name in an advertisement. Work with qualified, trained, and knowledgeable short-sale negotiators who will successfully negotiate with your lender to help you sell your home quickly and easily.

How to select the best short-sale specialist

Experience is the best teacher in any profession. The more someone does something in a certain area, the better they become at it. Short selling houses is no different. At EZ Short Sales, our short-sale specialists are required to pass rigorous training that ensures they are equipped to handle your short-sale requests.

Still, some agents are better for different situations. Look for short-sale agents with these qualities when finding your agent with EZ Short Sales.

Experience in Short Sales

Simply taking a class in short sales does not make a real estate agent a short-sale expert. Because the process of short sales has increased in popularity over the years, there are still some real estate agents who “specialized” in short sales before proper training even existed. Oftentimes, these real estate agents are not properly trained to provide the short-sale service you are seeking.

When trusting someone with such an important piece of your life, it’s imperative that person has the expertise to truly give you the best results. When you connect with a short-sale agent from EZ Short Sales, you can rest assured that your agent has experience working through the nuances that come with short sales. 

Our agents have more than just a certificate saying they are qualified — they have the short-sale results to back it up. The more experience an agent has closing short sales, the more likely you are to short sell your home and avoid foreclosure.

Experience Selling Homes in Your Area

No two markets are the same when it comes to home sales. Though it is imperative to partner with a real estate agent with experience in short sales, it is just as crucial to ensure that person understands the area. A large part of the short-sale expert’s duties come from finding a buyer for your home. If there is no buyer, there is no short sale.

When your short-sale agent understands your area, they are better able to attract buyers and keep them interested throughout the home-buying and short-selling processes. Plus, when your short-sale specialist is trusted by buyers and their agents in the area, the relationship will make the process that much smoother. From understanding how to price your home correctly to using their in-area experience to attract more buyers, working with a short-sale expert in the correct area is crucial to your short-selling success.

Experience Working With Short-Sale Banks

When you hire a short-sale agent who has already closed deals with your lender, you begin the process with an invaluable head start. The relationship between the real estate agent and the bank is as important as anything throughout the home-buying and home-selling process. If your bank has proven success with your agent, they are more likely to trust them, and as a result, you. 

If, on the other hand, an agent has primarily only worked with smaller banks and lenders, they are more likely to struggle creating those impactful relationships with larger institutions. The more comfortable an agent is with your bank, the better they will understand the short-sale processes which are often unique to every lender.

When you can find a short-sale specialist who has the proper experience short selling homes and who is familiar with your area, you are on the right track to short-sale success. But when that specialist also has experience with your lender, success rates sky-rocket.

Trust the Short-Sale Experts at EZ Short Sales

There is no better collection of short-sale specialists in the nation. Our agents understand how a short sale works, the best short-sale practices, and the short-sale industry better than anyone. If you’re looking to avoid foreclosure and reverse your negative equity, call us today!