Search for Short Sale Specialist

If you are unable to make payments on your home, foreclosure is not the only option. In fact, it should be your last resort. A short sale is when the lender allows you to sell your home for the actual value rather than what is owed to the bank. A short sale is often allowed when the value is close to what’s owed on the house.

The first step in short selling your home, which will help you avoid bad credit, bankruptcy and financial ruin, is to hire a qualified short sale specialist. Working with the right short sale specialist who has experience and is familiar with properties in your area is extremely important.

A short sale specialist’s role is more than just selling the home; the specialist has your best interest at heart and will negotiate with the lender on your behalf. Also, the short sale specialist will help you fill out all the necessary paperwork and obtain information that will help you and the specialist sell the home and avoid foreclosure. The sales specialist will also help you avoid unnecessary and extremely expensive fees.

How to Select the Right Short Sale Specialist

Prior to making a decision, it is important that you closely examine the short sale specialist’s track record and experience. Just like in any relationship, trust is a big factor. You should feel comfortable and confident in your specialist’s skills and qualifications.

The Ez Short Sales is a great place to start when trying to locate a short sale specialist in your area. allows you to search for the closest short sale specialist, view his or hers credentials and make an educated decision on who to contact to help you short sell your home.

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