The foreclosure process on your home can prove a challenging and overwhelming experience. With the stress of the thought of potentially losing your home mounting, if you go at it alone, you miss out on taking critical actions that could have helped you navigate the situation. Unless you are well versed in the state laws involving foreclosures and your rights, an experienced foreclosure attorney, like those found at EZ Short Sales, can help you! Here are some of the essential advantages you can benefit from by hiring a foreclosure attorney to stop the process.

There’s a Legitimate Defense

Not every foreclosure case can boil down to a cut and dry case where you missed your payments and don’t have the means to pay. Sometimes there are mistakes on the part of the servicer that caused discrepancies that led to the foreclosure. If you attempt to take them to court to fight for your home, a foreclosure attorney will help you build, organize, and present your case as efficiently and effectively as possible. 

You’re an Active Military Member

Thanks to previous legislation, active military members have certain protections in place to combat foreclosures. The Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA) is an extensive and complex piece of legislation, and an attorney will give you the best chance to make sure you receive the most benefits from these protections. 

You Want to Know the Ins and Outs of Foreclosure Law

Every state has different approaches to foreclosure law. While some elements might be similar across different jurisdictions, each state might take a different approach to a specific aspect of foreclosure than their neighbors. Multiple factors that have historically impacted each state have influenced their distinctive approach to foreclosure law. With an experienced foreclosure attorney helping you out, you’ll have a better understanding of your state’s laws and how you can use these to your advantage. 

When A Foreclosure Attorney is the Right Call

For most homeowners facing foreclosure, they want to ensure they get a fair shake. With the help of an experienced foreclosure attorney, they can better understand their rights and put themselves in a better position in the proceedings. With the help of the EZ Short Sales team, you can get the help you need to make the foreclosure process go as smoothly as possible! Contact our team to learn how to avoid foreclosures with bad credit today!