How Can I Benefit by Selling to EZ Short Sales?

If you’re in a bind on your mortgage, selling to EZ Short Sales is the quickest, most efficient way to receive a fair cash offer on your home in New York. Whether you need to sell your home fast due to a job relocation or divorce, want to quickly sell an inherited property, or simply want to avoid the normal headaches of moving, we are happy to help!

Our relationships with major lenders and knowledge of the housing market make us your one-stop shop for home-buying and -selling concerns. Here’s how you can benefit by selling to EZ Short Sells:

  • We pay cash — You don’t have to worry about financing concerns or delays from bank processing. By paying cash, you get out of your home quicker with money in your pocket.
  • We cover normal closing costs — It’s easy to forget that closing costs can accumulate fast during the home-selling process, sometimes even reaching 4% of the sales price. When working with EZ Short Sales, those numbers decrease significantly.
  • Avoid realtor commissions — One of the largest fees most sellers face, realtor commissions often cost more than 5% of the sales price. You can avoid that expense when selling your home quickly to EZ Short Sales.
  • Avoid home repairs — Selling your home as-is means we offer you a fair price after inspection, allowing you to avoid costly repairs and maintenance.
  • Close on your schedule — At EZ Short Sales, we cater to you, meaning we move at the pace you want to move at. Whether you’re in a rush to sell or have enough time to monitor the market, we can meet you there!

These are just an overview of the many benefits of selling your home with EZ Short Sales. If you’re ready for the best representation in New York, we’re here to help!

How Does the Home-Buying Process Work?

Selling through a real estate agent is often a prohibitive process for many looking to sell their homes. Whether it be the costly charges or drawn out process, it can make a difficult situation even tougher. You can avoid those headaches with EZ Short Sales. Our home-buying philosophy is centered around making the process easy for you. Here’s how we do it:

Call an expert and schedule a visit

If you are ready to sell your home and want the most hassle-free process, the first step is calling EZ Short Sales. When you call our professionals, we will discuss your situation more and schedule an inspection of your home. No need to rush any repairs or maintenance — we’re ready to buy as-is!

We make a cash offer

After evaluating your home, we make you an all-cash offer so you can avoid dealing with bank delays and financing concerns. This also speeds up the process by allowing us to move through closing quicker.

We close and you move on

By covering closing costs and removing commission costs from the equation, we save you money, time, and stress so you can get on with your life!

We are here to simplify the home-buying process and make your life easier. If you’re looking to receive an all-cash offer on your home and close the process quickly, give the experts at EZ Short Sales a call! We can’t wait to get started.