Foreclosure Prevention

Understanding the correct steps to take to avoid foreclosure is never easy. That’s why it’s wise to turn to foreclosure prevention attorneys for representation throughout the difficult process. If you have been served a summons and complaint, the bank has started the foreclosure process on your home. 

However, that doesn’t mean that nothing can be done. Reach out to EZ Short Sales today and we will walk you through the following steps and do everything we can to help you avoid foreclosure.

File an Answer

One of the most important parts of avoiding foreclosure, we will help you answer the summons and complaint in time with all the proper defenses. Though it depends on how the notice was served to you, borrowers have between 20-30 days to file their answer. If an answer is not filed within the allotted time period, the borrower is placed in default.

Mandatory Foreclosure Settlement Conferences

Per regulations, the court is required to hold a settlement conference that allows you as the homeowner to meet with the lender and mutually resolve the foreclosure process. This is where we fight diligently for you and take on the lender ourselves. Our goal in these meetings is to come to settle on a mutually beneficial option, including loan forbearance, loan modification, loan reinstatement, or short sales.

Our expertise with short sales and foreclosure prevention makes us invaluable in these settlement meetings. We know what lenders want, and we know how to negotiate with them appropriately so that both sides benefit. In many cases, lenders are trying to avoid the foreclosure process just as much as you are.

Don’t go through the foreclosure process alone. Call the foreclosure lawyers at EZ Short Sales today to receive the support you deserve!