1. Is a Short Sale Better than a Foreclosure?

    The past few years have been a veritable roller coaster ride for the US housing market, and more and more homeowners have been turning to short sales as an alternative to avoiding foreclosure. However, unless you have an experienced short sale specialist to walk you through the process, you may find…Read More

  2. Short Sale Myths – Part One

    When a property is sold for less than the balance remaining on the mortgage loan, that is called a short sale. A short sale can benefit homeowners in many ways, by helping them get out of an upside-down loan, avoid foreclosure and eliminate their mortgage debt. Short sales today are also, on average…Read More

  3. Short Sale Myths – Part Two

    Last week we started looking at the myths that discourage many people from seeking the relief a short sale can afford. Today we finish up our list! Myth Number Five: A short sale will prevent me from qualifying for a new mortgage. Wrong! You could qualify for a new home loan within just 2-4 years of…Read More

  4. It’s 2014 – Are Short Sales Still a Viable Option?

    Rumors keep circulating about stiffer mortgage lending requirements. They simply aren’t true, according to real estate expert Fabian Calvo, who says, “If you can fog up a mirror or you have a pulse, they will give you a home loan. That’s what they have done with the car loans, and that’s wha…Read More

  5. Back What Would Another “Housing Bubble” Mean for Short Sales?

    A “rebounding housing market” isn’t exactly in the future, says Peter Wallison, author of the much-commented-upon opinion piece in the New York Times entitled “The Bubble is Back.” A dissenting member of the 2011 Fiscal Crisis Inquiry Commission, Wallison blames government housing policy f…Read More

  6. The Housing Industry’s Next Real Threat

    Forget underwater mortgages; worry about higher rates (Source: Housingwire) According to Housingwire "the U.S. mortgage market is about to be blindsided by a real doozy of a problem." And while home values may be increasing somewhat, their studies show that "Rising rates will swamp households faster…Read More

  7. Freedom Toolkit from “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”

    Not only is Robert Kiyosaki one of the most respected men in Real Estate, he is a trend setter in the world of personal finance as well. Needless to say, when Robert speaks… you should listen. We have recently been given access to a variety of FREE resources from the big man himself, and we are de…Read More