1. Welcome to our NEW Featured Spotlight Member blog segment!

    Ellie Mcintire is a full time realtor located in Central Maryland. Ellie's ten years of experience has made her a excellent realtor. Ellie understands the hardship that brings a person to sell their home. Her compassion and desire to help others has granted her to complete over 32 shorts sales! Ch…Read More

  2. Are we entering Obama’s 2nd Term on a positive note?

    During the election campaigning, many of the nation's serious housing issues were left unsaid.  Foreclosures, tight credit availability and underwater homeowners continue to threaten the developing economic recovery. Those hit most by the housing crisis, including the homeowners in Florida, Nevada …Read More

  3. Banks Increasing Short Sale Approvals

    Also, they are speeding up the process. If you've been selling short sales recently through our network or your own, you may have noticed some of the major lenders responding quicker than usual. The results has been that there have been nearly twice as many short sales completed as there were REOs i…Read More

  4. From the West Coast to the East Coast…

    In 1976 Bob Anarumo started his career in the real estate industry and has been actively involved in commercial and residential properties since. Bob has several years of experience in Short Sales within the Central Florida area. Bob has been recognized several times as the Top Sales specialist by t…Read More

  5. Mortgage Relief Act could impact the start of your New Year..

    If this process is finalized by December 31st, 2012 about 1.5 million homeowners in foreclosure or considering a short sale need to understand the different tax implications. Unfortunately the Mortgage Relief Act is going to expire soon. This act allows up to $2 million of forgiven debt to go untaxe…Read More

  6. Female Agents on the Rise!

    Cindy Nowlin___________________________________________________________________________________ Currently with two listings, Cindy Nowlin is a happy short sale specialist. With over nine years of experience in the short sale and real estate industry, Cindy has learned the perks and downfalls of th…Read More

  7. Home Resales Rise as Housing Recovery Revs Up!

    To everyone's surprise, U.S. home resales unexpectedly rose in October. On Monday the National Association of Realtors announced that existing home sales climbed 2.1 percent last month to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 4.79 million units.   Some speculate that super-storm Sandy, which sla…Read More

  8. More confidence in the housing market in most U.S cities

    Over the 12-month period, prices increased in 90 percent of cities.  Phoenix was amongst the highest, jumping approximately 20 percent. Even the hardest hit state, Las Vegas, saw a price increase of 1.4 percent, the biggest gain in a long time. Cleveland, was the largest decline where prices fell 0…Read More

  9. Are you Ready to Sell?

    Are you one of the thousands of homeowners ready to sell your house, but owe more then your home is worth? Through a process called a short sale you can…   ·      Save your credit ·      Possibly walk away with no debt or tax consequences ·      Avoid foreclosure and bankrup…Read More