1. What to expect in 2012?

    Hi Everyone! We wish you all a happy new year and a very successful 2012! So what will this year bring to the market, and how will it affect the REO inventory and industry as a whole? Find REO Specialist. National Statistics 1,750,000 REOs still haven't been listed 3,500,000 Mortgages are in default…Read More

  2. No surprise! Delinquencies are up!

    Hello again, We wanted to share this audio report from an LPS asset manager who has some fantastic first hand knowledge of the REO market and the new REO inventory that's on it's way this year. LPS reports the national delinquency rate hit 8.15% as of last month. A few months ago, we reported to our…Read More

  3. Search Short Sale Specialists

    Are you looking to sell your home through a short sale? If your home is underwater, this may be a great option for you. EZ short sales connects you with local short sale experts in your market area. Search our Short Sale specialist directory and compare specialist  profiles, so you can make an educ…Read More

  4. How to buy a short sale home

    buying a short saleBuying a short sale - Are you a homebuyer looking to buy a short sale home at a great price in today's real estate market? In a short sale, the current homeowner owes more to the bank than the home is currently worth, so he or she is underwater on their mortgage. For example, Joe …Read More

  5. Stop spinning your wheels, and close more deals!

    Pre-Screen Short Sale Listings: Before taking a short sale listing, carefully consider the likelihood that the transaction will close escrow successfully. Consider, for example, how much of a shortfall the lender must approve. Other considerations include, but are not limited to, the nature of the s…Read More

  6. 1 in 3 Homeowners are Underwater

    Zillow reported last week that 15.7 million homeowners are underwater, about 31.4 percent of US mortgages. People say things are getting better, but clearly there is still a huge problem and the housing crisis has a ways to go before calming down. Some areas are much worse off. For example, 79% of h…Read More

  7. Three Basics of a Short Sale

    What Is a Short Sale? Short sales can be beneficial to homeowners as well as lenders. Lenders often receive more money for short sales than foreclosures, and they do not need to be involved with property upkeep and disposal. Short sale houses are generally in better condition than foreclosures becau…Read More

  8. Short Sale vs. Foreclosure

    Homeowners who find themselves in a situation where mortgage payments are just too expensive and cannot make their payments do have a couple of options to reconcile the situation. One option is foreclosure, but this can lead to many more issues down the road in terms of the homeowner's creditworthin…Read More

  9. Short Sales Rising

    The number of short sales in the US has risen dramatically in the past several years as home values have fallen below the amount of the mortgage on the property in many situations. This is especially true in markets where there was a tremendous escalation of real estate prices and banks created nu…Read More

  10. Are Short Sales preferable for homeowners?

    Short Sale: Is it a preferable option for the homeowners? In the US, home prices have dropped as much as 50%, so people are keen to know what they can do in order to impede the bleeding. There are definitely various strategies available to lower the mortgage payments. However, when you’re underwat…Read More